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About Blessey Marine

Predominantly a "Unit Tow" company, Blessey Marine’s mission is to safely and efficiently transport our customers' liquid bulk cargoes safely and efficiently throughout the navigable inland waterways. Our primary cargoes include residual fuels, asphalt, lubricating oils, petroleum feedstocks, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and alcohols.

Servicing all major petroleum and petro-chemical companies, Blessey Marine has gained respect in the industry by putting safety, customer service and professionalism as its first priorities. Safety is the top priority of every employee, the purpose of every job and the foundation of our business. Our constant goal is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by safely providing excellent service to our valued customers in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

We, at Blessey Marine, believe that success can be achieved only through the constant pursuit of excellence. We continually strive to maintain excellence throughout our organization, in our people, our equipment and our service.

"What makes Blessey a different kind of company is that they really have an interest in you as a person – you are not treated as a number. They care about you, your family, your kids, your job, your safety. It is just a whole different ballgame compared to other companies.”

– Capt. Rusty Hill, 24 years with Blessey Marine

“What makes Blessey unique is the quality of leadership from the very top all the way down. This company is very special. When I tell other people that work in the industry about how we are treated, what we do, and the overall camaraderie that we have at Blessey, they do not believe it, because the benefits of working here are unheard of.”

– Capt. Scott Wilson, 27 years with Blessey Marine

"I have worked for Blessey Marine for 18 years and have received a raise and a bonus every year that I have been here. I would work here for another 18 years without them if necessary because I am loyal to the company through thick and thin.”

– Mike Duhon, 18 years with Blessey Marine

"The reason I love working for Blessey Marine is because I love our employer. He is a wonderful person that treats us well. The bottom line is that the employer cares about us and takes care of us. It is what makes Blessey a different kind of company.”

– Capt. Lance Dragon, 20 years with Blessey Marine

About Us
About Us