Chairman's Message

A Message from Chairman and CEO, Walter E. Blessey, Jr.

A Message from Chairman and CEO, Walter E. Blessey, Jr. - Chairman's Message

I have learned during my business career, that the success of any endeavor hinges upon the implementation of a few basic practices.These practices apply equally to the inland marine business, and this approach is the first priority of our management team. We understand the necessity of providing our customers with what is needed to get their product to market in a safe, efficient manner.

As an oil trader in the 1970's and early 80's, I came to appreciate the difference between a carrier who was willing to tell me the truth and one who would tell me what he thought I wanted to hear. With prices being volatile, it was critical that I be aware of any delays in shipment. I realized that it was essential to do business with only those carriers who had earned my trust. This was crucial then, and it remains so today.

We understand that unavoidable delays do happen in the marine business just as every other business. We demand, however, that our management team works to reduce the possibility of delays by assuring that our equipment is well maintained and that our crews are properly trained. Our marketing department has a mandate to do all that is in its power to meet our customers' requirements and to keep them informed of any changes or delays in seeing their product to its destination.

Since the building of our first barge, we have concentrated on the practice of safe and efficient operations. We have never built or used any barge that is not double-hulled, consequently, we have never had a spill due to penetration of an inner tank skin. And because we do not overload our tows, our horsepower to tonnage ratio places us at the top of the class.

A great deal of time, effort and money is invested to ensure that our fleet is well maintained and our crews are well trained, thereby minimizing our customers' exposure to risk. This attention to detail concerning safety and operational procedures has paid off in lower insurance and legal expenses. I have been informed by our marine insurance underwriters that we are the safest carriers in the industry.

My pledge to you is that when you do business with Blessey Marine Services, Inc., you will get the basics: Good Equipment, Well Trained Personnel, and a Commitment to Excellence.

Walter E. Blessey, Jr.
Chairman and CEO