Walter Blessey Honored for Meritorious Public Service

Written by Marine Log Staff

Walter Blessey, Jr., Chairman and CEO, of Harahan, La., headquartered Blessey Marine Services, Inc., has been awarded a Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award.

He was presented with the award by Rear Adm. John Nadeau, assistant commandant for prevention policy, during the American Waterways Operators’ Spring convention in Washington, D.C. earlier this month.

The award honors Blessey’s contributions to the inland marine transportation industry, navigation safety, environmental stewardship, and homeland security during his decades-long involvement with the American Waterways Operators.

As chairman and chief executive officer of Blessey Marine Services, Inc., Blessey has been an active voice in a broad array of AWO policies, plans, and projects. He has served leadership roles as a past chairman of the AWO’s Inland Liquid Sector Committee and as a long-standing member of its Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He has devoted an immense amount of company resources – including the detailing of a number of senior personnel to participate in AWO leadership positions – in groundbreaking industry safety task forces ranging from fugitive emission controls on tank barges to man overboard prevention best practices.

“As a staunch safety advocate and steadfast supporter of environmental best practices, Mr. Blessey spearheaded one of the most aggressive double-hulled tank barge rebuilding programs on the Gulf Coast,” said Nadeau. “Mr. Blessey played a pivotal role in partnering with regional Coast Guard commands in developing a comprehensive training program for Coast Guard Academy cadets and junior officers, culminating in thousands of hours of ‘brownwater’ underway time for Coast Guard personnel throughout the western river system.”

Additionally, Nadeau commended Blessey for his company’s efforts to ensure every Blessey Marine pushboat successfully participated in the Coast Guard’s Voluntary Inspection Program. Due to his mobilization efforts, Blessey Marine was recognized as the first large inland marine company to achieve 100 percent compliance.

“Mr. Blessey’s outstanding initiative, dedication, and leadership is in keeping with the highest traditions of public service,” Nadeau said. “The Coast Guard is sincerely grateful for all he has accomplished for the maritime community.”

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