Effective February 1, 2022, Angie Fay has been appointed Vice-President of HS&E and Compliance. We look forward to Angie bringing her drive and aggressive desire to improve efficiency to the Safety Department as Todd Gentile slowly transitions out of full-time duties at Blessey. Since 2008, Angie has served as Director and then Vice-President of Blessey’s Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance Department. She has spearheaded the development of an industry-leading management system, our well-respected vetting program, and coordinated the implementation of Subchapter M across several departments. Her contributions to industry are well noted as Chairperson of the AWO Inter-Region Safety Committee, membership on the AWO Safety Leadership Advisory Panel, and as a current federal appointment to the National Transportation Safety Advisory Committee. Angie is certified as a Lead/Internal Auditor in ISO9000, ISM, and AWO’s RCP. Angie will continue to lead the vetting, quality assurance, and compliance issues for Blessey equipment. She will also serve as the main conduit between Blessey Marine and customer vetting departments.
With his in-depth knowledge of industry, operations, and investigation reporting, Todd Gentile will continue with Blessey in a consultancy role for the foreseeable future. After a career with the USCG and then Hornbeck, Todd joined Blessey in 2014 and immediately began a program of optimization and improvement in the HS&E Department. Todd’s presence in front of customer Vetting Departments and his contributions to our internal and external auditing structure have been an incredibly valuable resource. Todd helped to establish our robust incident reporting and near miss programs as well as other risk mitigation efforts over the recent 7 years. We look forward to his continued contributions to Blessey Marine.
Blessey Marine Services, Inc. owns and operates eighty-two pushboats and one hundred seventy tank barges comprising one of the youngest multi-faceted inland fleets in the United States. We navigate the inland waterways of the United States including the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys, throughout associated tributaries, Lake Michigan, and along the Gulf-Intracoastal Waterway. Blessey Marine transports a full product line of liquid cargoes, such as residual fuels, asphalt, lubricating oils, petroleum feedstocks, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, alcohols, and LNG. Blessey Marine is based in Harahan, Louisiana with affiliated entities WEB Fleet, LP and WEB Engines, LP in Channelview, Texas.

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