Equipment Overview

While primarily a “unit tow” company, Blessey Marine operates a diversified fleet of tow boats and barges to satisfy customer and industry demands. We built our fleet over the years through long-term commitments with our customers and by developing “partnerships” to provide added value within the supply chain. Our employees deserve, and our customers demand, equipment at the forefront of safety, comfort, and design. Leveraging our multi-generation relationships with industry shipyards, our equipment has been built to adhere to the latest regulations by the United States Coast Guard as well as OCIMF’s SIRE and TMSA vetting standards. With a wide array of horsepower combinations from 1,000-3,200 HP, in addition to fixed and retractable wheelhouses, we are able to offer towing configurations from 1-6 barge tow combinations. Blessey Marine offers industry leading barge design as well, with all black oil barges equipped utilizing both IMO and deep-well cargo pumps; all clean/chemical barges are all equipped with internal stripping systems, while all pressure barges have a true double-hulled design to hold the cargo bottles. Additionally, several Blessey Marine towboats and barges are ABS Great Lakes load line certified to allow transit not only within inland river systems, but also to service terminals along Lake Michigan.



  • 10,000 bbl Clean
  • 10,000 bbl Stainless
  • 20,000 bbl Clean
  • 30,000 bbl Clean
  • 30,000 bbl Black Oil
  • 15,000 bbl Pressure

Tow Boats

  • 3,200 HP
  • 2,400 HP
  • 2,000 HP
  • 1,700 HP
  • 1,200 HP

Equipment Videos

View short videos of the following Blessey Vessels:
• M/V Pat Voss Launch
• WEB P1 Launc
• Stringing Out Tow