Corporate Purpose
Corporate Purpose

As Blessey Marine evolved in the early years, Walter Blessey realized that the company needed a mission statement, a corporate purpose with values to embrace. It would be something that the company’s leaders would make decisions by. Accordingly, Blessey Marine’s corporate purpose was developed and is deemed the company bible. It is hung on every one of our vessels and also in the Harahan, Louisiana office and WEB Fleet in Houston, Texas. The corporate purpose is a set of values that most all Blessey folks believe in and follow.


  1. The purpose of Blessey Marine Services is to safely and efficiently transport our customers' petroleum and petrochemical products on the inland waters of the United States. Customer satisfaction and safety are the top priorities of every employee, the purpose of every job, and the foundation of our business. Our constant goal is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by safely providing excellent service to our valued customers in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.
  2. We believe that success can be achieved only through the constant pursuit of excellence throughout our organization. Excellence is expected in the quality and quantity of work by every employee in every function. Mediocrity is not an option in our company. We must continually strive to maintain excellence throughout our organization in our people, our equipment, and our service to our customers.
  3. Safety is absolutely essential in everything we do. Safe performance is crucial at all times to protect our people, our equipment, the environment, and the property of others. Doing the job right the first time is the dominant goal of every activity. There are no short cuts when safety is involved. There is never a compromise when safety is an issue, and at Blessey Marine, safety is always an issue. We are proud to be known as the safest operator in our industry, and we work as hard as we can to vigilantly preserve our reputation for safety.
  4. Teamwork is essential to our success. Every job and every task, when performed with excellence as the goal,
    makes an important contribution. Our success depends upon our ability to work together to achieve our common goals of excellence and customer satisfaction.
  5. Communication is a key ingredient of teamwork. To be effective, communication must flow in all directions. It does not have to follow a rigid chain of command. We do not keep secrets from one another. We must promote the free flow of all information necessary to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.
  6. Respect for one another and for our customers is the starting point from which all communications originate. Every job, every task, every person, in our organization, and every customer is important. Our company, has zero tolerance of harassment or discrimination of any kind. Respect for each individual and sincere appreciation of each person's merits and contributions are key elements of the teamwork essential to our success.
  7. We have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol aboard our vessels. Any employee who possesses or uses drugs or alcohol aboard our vessels will be immediately terminated.
  8. Honesty and integrity are demanded in everything we do. Honesty with our customers, vendors, contractors, and with one another is imperative. There is absolutely no place for dishonesty in our organization. Each of us must accept responsibility for our actions. We strongly believe that honesty and integrity are essential elements of excellence and customer satisfaction.
  9. We are an environmentally responsible company, not only because the law requires it, but because it is the right thing to do. Our operations are conducted with a strict regard for protection of the environment. Our equipment is environmentally sound, and our people are environmentally responsible. We take our responsibilities as environmental stewards very seriously.
  10. There are no short cuts to success. Each of us will be judged and rewarded on the basis of our performance. We know that our success depends on each of us working together, effectively communicating, respecting and appreciating one another, and honestly doing our best at all times to achieve excellence in all that we do. We sincerely believe that it is only through working together to achieve excellence that we can accomplish the highest standard of customer satisfaction essential to our success.